Jan. 7th, 2017

Winter Walk

Jan. 7th, 2017 06:28 am
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Rose red is the evening sky,
Milk white is the snow.

Hemlock Cones

Let’s go on our evening walk,
Do, do let us go.


Tomorrow the sky may be dull and gray,
Tomorrow the snow may be gone.

Snowy Goldenrod

So let us go on our evening walk
In the last rays of the sun.

~Enki Grade Two Movement


Just one day later, Epiphany found snow in the air. There's more this morning, but there was just enough yesterday to soften the edges and send the children squealing down the hill on sleds. It's going to be terrifically cold this weekend, single digits for the lows and highs in the teens.
impossibleway: (Elsa Beskow Christmas)
Plein Air TreeI cannot bring myself to get rid of our tree.  Sure, I was fine with taking it out of the house to free up some space, but completely away?  Not yet.  It was such a dear tree, for some reason.  A little scraggly and assymetric, as if we had chosen it from the woods.  Around here, we have such a dearth of trees that many are overgrown.  The tops are cut out and the bottoms are left to be sold to wreath makers.  This tree was full size and just so sweet.  Hauling it out onto the front porch in the falling snow and taking down the lights on the house, well, I had to let it be here just a bit longer.  There are few things I like better than Christmas lights glowing in the snow.

All that sentimentality aside, January clicks!  It's been FOUR months since I shared any! As always, forgive me if I have shared any of these before.
And with that, it's time for me to get up and tidy up the scattered outerwear around the house.  Oh!  And chocolate shortbread!

Tree in the Morning


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