Jan. 10th, 2017

impossibleway: (Winter Fields)
We spent a good long time in the snow yesterday.  It made the children so agreeable the rest of the day!  It's too bad snow therapy isn't available all year round.  Water play is a close second, but it can get pricey if you have to run a hose instead of playing the creek.  Nonetheless, we had a wonderful time and really soaked up all the joys that Winter has to offer.  Everyone was thoroughly tired afterward and we went to bed quite early!

Snow Heart

There's a rock in my yard that always make a heart in the snow.

Michaelmas Daisies

The Michaelmas daisies made lovely shadows.

Snow Sparkles

It's been so cold that the snow hasn't melted much.
Today, it will!

Big Icicle

The sun did some nice thawing yesterday, and clearing of roads.
It also gave us some champion icicles!


These are my warm, shaggy mittens.  I got them at a yard sale.
I can't decide if they are hand or machine made.

Queen Anne's Lace

Last Summer's Queen Anne's Lace in the blackberry patch.
It looks so empty now!

Old Apple Tree

An old early apple tree with a long, curving trunk.

Squirrel Hole

And here's sweet little squirrel hole.

And now, all those who were early to bed are quite early to rise!  Time to stir the rice pudding!


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