Jan. 11th, 2017

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The warm spell blew in last night and I awoke to hear the sound of water dripping down the gutter.  Even though it's in the low thirties, it's raining and that's the plan for the next little while, about ten days of temperatures in the fifties and wet.  But yesterday, it was a day on the ice.  Have any of you read A Day on Skates?  What an interesting story that is, and what stamina those chidlren have!  All that ice skating up the canals!  Well, this is our small version with no one falling in (yay!).

Snow Fairy

I brought along a sweet someone from the Magic Fairy Lady.
She'd told me she'd never seen such snow.

Hungry Mother Lake

The lake at Hungry Mother State Park often freezes over in the winter, so it's a wonderful place to visit.  It's not completely frozen, as you can see, but that cold snap over the weekend helped quite a bit.  I imagine it will all thaw in the next week.

The Long Bridge

So much snow!  The children are well-versed in getting ready to go out by now, since we have used every possible opportunity to enjoy the snow.  I was thinking it must be funny to be three and see the world frozen and icy.

Icy Leaves

I really liked this little spot where you could see the leaves through the ice.

On the Ice

We all took turns standing on the lake (right by the edge).

In the Tree

Our little friend watched from a tree while the children played on a fallen one.  The children had complained that I never took them to playgrounds, and I don't very often.  I take them places like this, instead, and I have to drag them away.

On the Log

It was at the tree that Roan and I began to track a bear.  I figure the bear had been at the tree looking for insects under the bark.  We followed the bear around the park and lost the tracks at our car.  It was convenient.  No one wanted to leave, but my feet were getting cold.  I needed thicker socks.

Bear Tracks!

But, oh, the stream.  Just a moment at the stream before we go.  All that lovely ice with such beautiful patterns running through it.

Icy Stream

Willow picked up a piece that looks like an artist's palette.

Icy Pallette

It was such a nice day, really.  The children and I seem to be in a really good place lately, like the snow brought so many wonderful things (like exhaustion!).  It is so healing to have a happy period after all the developmental shifts the past few months have brought.  At the end of the day, we were lighting candles and admiring this postcard.  A day on the ice, yes, it was.

A Day on Skates


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