Jan. 15th, 2017

impossibleway: (The Year of the Perfect Christmas Tree)
We've traded wind and snow for rain and clouds, leaving me wondering if we've haven't moved to England.  It may be in the upper forties outside right now (for the low!), but I'm pretending that Winter is still here like it should be.  Time outside seems to always have just a bit of drizzle in the air and very little chill.  I know Winter's coming back (nine days!), so I'm trying to stay strong.  Here are some of our favorite things to do this time of year.


The typewriter.  This is a portable one, no electricity needed.  Seems my family has lots of typewriters sitting around and still in use, from time to time.


Button sorting, a perennial favorite.  Willow proclaimed that she no longer enjoyed it like she once did, and then I found her quite busily working once the rest of us had moved on.

Marble Tree

A marble tree.  This was a Christmas gift and I think it's a good compromise for something bigger with a lot of pieces.  True wooden marble runs are quite pricey!  We find this one to be just enough, and pretty, too!


Tiny blocks.  This is a one person set and it lives with the tangram and star puzzle.  These are easily traded among the children, where things like Lincoln Logs tend to be more troublesome.


Paper snowflakes. We have made dozens of these and covered several windows with them. Here's mine and I'm just a little bit proud that I made a deer silhouette. Roan can make snowflakes now, and he is so pleased. His have an interesting feathery quality about them.

I'm secretly hoping all the snowflakes, snow cookies, and snow bread will encourage more to come our way.  Becky gave us snowman cupcake molds, so that's a possibility, too.  Really, I am thankful for the rain after fourish months of drought.  I've got high hopes for next Summer's garden and have even found myself daydreaming, just a bit, about the sunny and warm days.


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