Jan. 16th, 2017

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Forgive me, just a little bit, for multiple dessert pictures.  Travel back in time, instead, and recall my mother's glorious Christmas parties (really!) where she would order a Yule log cake from a local Swiss restaurant.  What happy memories those are, and so tasty!  Just over ten years ago, I tried my own Bûche de Noël, and it was a mess.  I laugh a little to see that I used hand beaters on the sponge cake.  This is certainly an occasion for an electric mixer!  Parchment paper is also a must.  I didn't have that last time.

Buche de Noel

Here's the recipe that I used, five recipes, really.  Mine is not exactly like the photos, but I like it better.

Buche End

I think the meringue mushrooms must have been the best part for the children.  It is, admittedly, a rich dessert, so I invited over Becky and Katherine to share the occasion with us.  A cake like this is its own occasion.  We revived the Christmas dishes and I continued playing Winter music from Windham Hill.  Mike did the photo shoot.

Meringue Mushroom

I do think it was worth the wait, or the ten years it took for me to build up the courage to do it. I'd make this recipe again, for sure, though I'd probably beat the ganache a little less. And bake the cake at the right temperature. Everything has to have one little mistake, right? No one minded a bit.


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