Jan. 20th, 2017

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It was in the low sixties yesterday, otherworldy, really.  Nature school with no coats or hats or even sweaters.  We drove just a couple minutes from our house to The Elysian Fields, as my dad once called them.  There are always deer here, grazing, and a big flock of vultures.  We went here a couple years ago to collect some big feathers.  I'll admit that I had high hopes for this place, but we were all just a little grumpy.

Kite Flying

Laurel only wanted to fly the kite.  I suppose it must be quite interesting to hold onto something that stays up in the air (most of the time) and flutters around.  It is fascinating for me, too.  This is one of my dad's favorite spots for flying.

Quarry Climbing

Willow and Roan were happy to climb on rocks from the old quarry nearby.  I expected we would walk up the hill and find a rock cliff of some kind.

Pavement Piles

Nope, we found the place where the town puts all the pavement they break up fixing leaks under the roads.  What a funny place that was!


Look at this sweet trio.

I think we were all put off by how warm it was.  We found a tick on Laurel back at home!  The children said they felt like they were walking through the desert and started asking if we could get out the Summer clothes.  I'll admit that this weather has been tremendously unsettling to me, even though it matches the predictions for the Winter--warmer than usual and wetter than usual.  That's El Nino weather for you.  I'd rather skip it.  But, things are supposed to get back to normal at the end of this month.  I am counting down the days and hoping the fruit trees don't suffer too much.

I just feel unsettled, in general, lately.  I am trying to push all the worry aside and acknowledge that things are fine, we are all fine.  I'm trying to find beauty whenever I can, and I'm trying to hold onto the the rhythms that carry us through our days.  This homeschooling adventure is as much for me as it is for them, whether that sounds selfish or not.  I am growing and learning and improving each day, and it is real work.  I don't want to trade it for something else, but I do have periods of feeling weary of life.  It will pass.


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