Jan. 26th, 2017

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FablesI suppose we are at the midpoint of the school year, or just past it.  The Enki materials say that this can be a challenging time of year to bring in new subjects or tackle things the require a certain focus.  I can agree with this.  So, we've been spending time with fables.  Having never read them outside of interpretations in children's books, I was suprised how short they are.  They're not too taxing, but there are plenty, and so we've filled our January school days with them.

January has been a more flexible month for us, though we've still held tightly to our routines.  I think it's been a time of refocus, with the understanding that we all have the occasional wide swing to the outside edges of "normal."  Some stories and ideas are winners, and some are not.  I am starting to get a feel for Roan's strengths and challenges, which are quite different from Willow's.  I can see now that his version of school years may very well take up the things we left out of Willow's.  The upside of this is that we'll all be present for it all, so things should come full circle.  Or, as full as it can come with us humans involved.

I've been trying more extra things this year than I did the past two.  I have more confidence with the materials, in part, and because there are just so many wonderful ideas out there.  Largely, I draw my inspiration from books and from what I think will engage the children.  Roan is dreamier, so we've done more puppet plays and I've tried my hand at telling some stories, instead of just reading them.  We've also learned a few of the Wynstones songs that go with the Grimm's tales.  We're going to learn a game from The Singing Game that acts out the story of "Briar Rose."

Willow and I are reading a few stories of Brigid this week, both of her as a saint and as a figure in Irish mythology.  I hope to have gathered more stories by the time that Laurel is in second grade.  Enki falls short in some areas on second grade, or offfers materials that are too challenging for younger ears to hear.  Editing the stories didn't seem appealing to me, and I didn't always feel a connection with them, so I shifted to Live Ed or stories I found on my own.  All that said, the Enki materials are still lively and complete.  I plan to use them for everyone.

Well, I think I've run out of words and it's time for breakfast.  We've all had a little quiet time since Laurel is sleeping in today.  Happy Thursday!


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