Feb. 16th, 2017

Sugar Snow

Feb. 16th, 2017 06:01 am
impossibleway: (Wilson Bentley)
The proper time for the maple festival is still a month away, but it feels like Spring has been in the air this Winter.  If ever there were a real battle between Summer and Winter (like those for May Day), we have seen it this year.  The flower bulbs have tall leaves up, and even some budding blooms.  The leaf buds are swelling on the trees and bushes.  I even saw some tiny green leaves on an invasive shrub just day before yesterday!  We woke up to a treat yesterday, a small and very local snow that wasn't even anything just a few miles down the road.  A Winter's Mercy, I'll call it.

Bungalow in the Snow

It was a heavy, wet snow that stuck to everything.  I believe there was a little ice underneath it.

Snowy Apple

It's just the thing to keep the apple trees in their proper mood.

Snowy Dogwood

I do have a feeling, though, that the dogwood will certainly be in bloom for Easter.

Crocuses in the Snow

The crocuses are out, but they were closed up for the snowy morning.

Snowy Oak

The snow fell straight down, as you can see.  The areas under the trees were still green.

Snowy Spruce

By the time we made it outside after breakfast, the snow was falling off the branches and melting fast. There's just a tiny bit left now, but we made the most of it yesterday morning. Three snowmen were built, the sweetest ones to look like our old neighbors (and Enid's doll). Many giant snowballs were rolled for making a den, and many were thrown, too. We had our fill of the soaking snow. Today, I'm hoping we'll find just a bit more for nature school in the Raccoon Branch Wilderness.


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