Feb. 24th, 2017

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I had the garden annex plowed day before yesterday.  The man with the tractor was in the next yard, so I asked him to come over.  He'll be back in a month or so to till it all with a big tiller.  It will be a funny thing to work in a real plowed garden.  Last year, the valiant efforts at rototilling mainly scratched at the soil, so that we were fighting weeds the whole Summer.  The soil was looser than usual, but still hard to work.  I've got plans for a fair amount of potatoes, a few rows of corn, more cucumbers, and a good fence.  It may be that I'll plant pumpkins over there again, in a different spot.  I'm really excited at the prospect of another gardening season.

The daffodils are blooming, along with the crocuses.  Earlier in the week, we passed a yard that was absolutely full of them.  I'm not sure how the people managed to get quite so many, unless they spread readily.  Willows are leafing out here and some trees are in bloom, though not the fruit trees.  While it will be quite warm today, twenty degrees above average, there's cold and snow in the forecast for tomorrow night.  I'm hoping that will be the warning the trees need to hold back a bit longer.  I'm prepared with lots of sheets, if the blueberries get ahead of schedule.

We're spending lots of time outside, of course, working over at the Roland Estate on much-needed pruning.  We've also been preparing our own garden soil for planting, fluffing peat while the sun shines.  It has been so helpful to the children, just what we all need right now.  My mind is a mess these days--what a strange time to live on this Earth.  I suppose people have been saying that since the beginning of time, though. 


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