Mar. 1st, 2017


Mar. 1st, 2017 04:59 pm
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The spring arrives with music, and flowers intertwine. ~ Enki Festival Songs

I guess March came in like a lion today. This morning was cold, but sweetly pleasant as it went on. The children collected periwinkle blooms and puttered around with old pots and bricks and stones. Willow loves that kind of play so much, so it was good to see them all so deeply playing.  By lunch time, the sky had darkened and brough strong storms, which continue even now.  I am glad for the rain, since half of our state is still in a drought.  Our precious mountains are wet enough, but the warm weather has been hard on the rest of the state.  Some fruit trees and ornamentals are blooming now, though Winter comes roaring back tomorrow.

All this aside, it was a good tday to shift to Spring things, with it feeling much more proper than when I took down the insulated curtains in February.  So, Spring napkins in the drawer and Spring pictures on the walls.  The nature table tells of the state of things outside--daffodils in a vase and a card with a man at the plow.  I've been going through drawers, finding quite the pile to discard or donate, which is a constant task.  We have been very blessed to get many things from folks who don't need them any more.  It does mean sorting through quite a lot of things, but it's been a huge savings in many ways.  The morning was so bright and cheery with the windows open.

We had vegetable soup from the freezer and this hearty bread for lunch.  It had been awhile since I made it, but I think I will try to make it more often.  I have had mixed results from my favorite bread recipe lately, so it's time for a change.  I think it will do the children good to get used to a crusty loaf, and Willow compared it to "Green Valley bread."  I am thinking now about nature school tomorrow and how I will work it out.  I'm thinking of stopping by a greenhouse for some pro-mix and then driving over to Beartree Recreation Area.  I think some soup and bread might be just the thing to knock the chill off of lunch in the woods.


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