Apr. 5th, 2017

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Machines to Go

When I started to pack them up to go to the repair shop, it became quite obvious that I am well-supplied with sewing machines.  It's an interesting march through time, from the 40's when treadle power was still an option to the 70's.  We call the oldest one that Roan is touching The Dinosaur.  It was a beast to take out of the box.  My 2010 model is, well, out of commission for the long haul.  I have given up on it and it will sit indefinitely.  It was featured prominently in the doll tutorial of yesteryear, but the computer in it was failing.  I can't clean the fuzz out of that.

Someone asked me if it was really worth it to fix an old machine, as opposed to just buying a new one.  I think the answer is a big "yes."  Metal, mechanical sewing machines are the way to go, as far as I am concerned.  The Wizard will go back to my parents with a clean bill of wiring.  My favorite, for now, is the 1973 Fashion Mate, but I may really come to love the Portable (it is cartoonish in its size and lightness!) now that I have a power cord for it.  I was able to pick one up at the shop for $20 less than eBay!  We're expecting some rain over the next few days, so I'm hoping to read the manual and get it going.  Nice thing, too, is that I can use it in the house where it is warm!


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