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That was the forecast for this weekend, instead of that mythic snow.  I think my visions of being cozily holed up together were a little too clear.  Whenever I can see something with too much detail, it doesn't happen.  It's funny how that works.  Oh, well!

Chestnut OakWe spent the time productively.  Since it was cold, I defrosted the deep freeze.  This is always a big job, but the results are so pleasing.  It's also a good time to take stock of what's left.  Obviously, I could just grow pumpkins for Jack O'Lanterns this year with no ill effects.  There was little that was thrown away, so that felt nice.  We all like to avoid waste.  At the same time, Mike brought home a carload of wood for next Winter, plenty of apple that was already cut into perfect lengths in sizes that would be just right for our fire place!  We often find or are given free firewood.  It is so nice how things like that work out.

I spent the afternoon on some basement work, trying to make the space more un-usable.  Yes, un-usable.  I want to spend less time down there!  Storing the toy library down there means that I often have a big mess.  Either I take things down and get other things without putting it all back, or there are raids to the library.  While it is fun to discover old toys or have variety, I need things to be static for awhile.  We have some challenging developmental things going on right now, so it seemed best to just move it all off-premises down the street to Grandad's old apartment.  More on that later, perhaps.

Katherine and I walked around the Settlers' Museum yesterday, first out to the old farmhouse, then on the AT back to the schoolhouse, and then on the birding trail back to the farm.  We walked a lot!  I remember Ruth Goodman saying that women need lots of walking in order to feel good, and I cannot help but agree.  Maybe it is because so much of our work is in one spot, over and over?  I think I have spent half my life standing over the kitchen sink.  Nonetheless, it was so good to get out in that cold sunshine to enjoy talking and moving.  I know we were both markedly more relaxed when we said farewell, and that is the important thing.

This week is supposed to be quite cold, more like February.  Wednesday will see highs in the twenties with lows in the teens.  While many places have fruit trees blooming, we have been blessed in our little spot.  The blueberries were put to bed and the apples are still sleeping, as are the berry brambles.  The wind may have blown off the covers in the night, but that is soon fixed.  I told Roan we'd be doing a lot of covering and uncovering in the coming weeks.  It was so easy to picture a truly early Spring.  I should have known better. ;-)


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