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DSC_9903.JPGSpring is back in the air, more gently now.  Yesterday was warm and sunny and I declared it a day for Spring Cleaning.  Really, I've been working on it in little bits for several weeks.  There's never an end to clearing out and tidying up.  Just like housecleaning with young children, things get messy in one area just as you've fixed another one.  I think, for my own morale, I'll list the places I've worked on: pie safe on the back porch, knitting notions, deep freeze, children's closet, bookshelves, car (oh, the lichen!), under the kitchen sink, and some work in the basement.  I've got a whole pile to go to the thirft store, along with a good amount of old Pyrex to go to Ginger.  It's been waiting since last year, honestly.

The children spent the whole day outside, while I was working inside.  All the same, there was plenty of mud on the floors for me to mop up.  I think I must be in the hole-digging phase of mothering.  Mines, cesspits, buried treasure.  All these things are frequently mentioned, along with sidewalk chalk and flower blossoms ground up into various remedies (or pesticides).  Ironically, they decided to Spring clean the playhouse, too.  They had a marvellous time with it all, of course, and stayed out until the light faded.  Today will be back to the grind with school work and Soup Day.  Always Soup Day.  It's going to be cool, anyway, and the thought of hanging out laundry is not very appealing.

I'm knitting along on Roan's sweater, about the to the bottom of it.  Next will come the collar, and then sleeves and pockets.  Roan is asking me to make short sleeves on it, and that's really tempting.  Grandad always wore a short-sleeved sweater.  The weather looks absolutely perfect for Saturday, when we'll have the Maple Festival.  Ten degrees above average and sunny--such a contrast to the past couple years of snow.   It's cool and breezy today, but the sunshine is so nice.  I get more glad for Spring each year.

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