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It's the season of tiny white flowers, the first of the Spring ephemerals.  Some places in town and out in the country, Spring beauties cover the ground.  It is always such a joy to see them, ever since I first learned about them and saw them up at Elk Garden.  It makes me wonder, with things being ahead of schedule, when they will start to bloom up in the High Country.  Anyway, we went out to Hungry Mother Lake yesterday and this is what we saw.

Spring Beauties

This was the grass by the creek, full of flowers, and I felt a little funny walking on it.

On the hill

The woods looked quiet, as you can see, but they weren't.

Rue Anemone

Rue anemone is awake among the leaves.


Hepatica was blooming, too, the sharp-lobed variety.

Wood Anemone

And down the hill, wood anemones.  These seem to have a prominent place in Elsa Beskow books, along with Springtime in Noisy Village.

In the Laurel

Away from the hillside, the children wandered into the rhododendrons, locally called a laurel thicket.
It's a big, nearly impassable tangle for us grown folks.


A particularly open spot yielded a surprise--a geocache!
We'd never seen one, so this was a neat experience.
We've just watched about letterboxing on Dartmoor on Edwardian Farm.


And, of course, there was plenty of free time while I played some music.  There is so much to be done at home these days, that it really helps me to get away from all the things I "need" to do and be in a place where it is easier to focus on the present.  And with that, it's time for me to get a move on!
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