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If schools have snow days, we have sun days. There is a day every couple weeks (right now) that is just so nice that we can't bear to be inside. The children head out right after breakfast and my to-do list seems monumental, so it's time to call a Sun Day.  Yesterday was supposed to be sunny and warm, but that passed us by, or we just got the edge of the good weather.  All the same, the shorts came out and we spent time in the yard working on our little projects.  Today, the car is getting new brakes and the weather is turning wild and cold--time to stay in and do lessons!

Field of Violets

It's violet time.  So, so many violets.  We could pick all day long and never get done.


We all picked a quart for some violet syrup for sodas.


It's funny to think of violets as being blue, but there it is.
It will all turn pinky-purple when I add some lemon juice.


I got a solid start on my firt hugelkultur bed.  And a tick, but it didn't bite me.
That's what you get moving old wood around.

The Herbalists

We are all so excited lately--all the weeds growing, the "medicines" to make, the seeds waiting, the new treasures we find each day.  Laurel found the first morels yesterday, so we gave them to Carrie.  She was astounded at the violets we have across the street.  She kept offering some to us, but then she saw ours!  We are well-supplied.

I am feeling better about some projects, getting clarity on others--just household and yard things.  I'm going to dismantle an old raised bed that has filled with grass and add it to my mowing routine, along with the old pumpkin patch that now surrounds the apple and fig trees.  The old stone border now makes up the edges of at least one hugelkultur bed, though I have enough giant logs and old wood to make another one.  The leaves and straw that protected the fig trees all Winter will go onto the new beds.  It's nice to be able to begin a project with all the supplies on-site.

Well, breakfast!  Happy Thursday!
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