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Three weeks ago, Carrie and I mixed up a batch of baby soap.  About half will be going to the Fiber Frolic for skin soothing sales.  For now, it's curing calmly here at the Blackberry Bungalow.  Obligatory pregnancy shot to follow.

It's Up!!!

Apr. 1st, 2008 09:08 pm
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After much deliberation, gestation and stitching--Brandy's Fiber Frolic is ready to go!  Special thanks to Felicia at Fluffy Flowers for all her encouragement and pointers and to Mike for his help with the World's Best Banner!

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Sometimes there's a magic moment when the timing is just right for some real creativity, like when your fear of doing the unknown is taking a nap and has been caught off guard.  Such a miraculous event occurred this past Thursday when the snow was falling.  The simple success of the blueberries for the Blueberry Land hat gave me the courage to make my first felted friend.

I'd had the magic wool books for several months.  I'd poured over them, falling in love with Moss Man and Moss Woman and the little hedgehog.  I'd thought that if I could only learn to make them, that Brandy's Fibers really would Frolic.  But the time wasn't right.  As much as I'm a do-it-now-how-dare-you-wait kind of girl, I had to wait on this.  No one told me I was ready until it happened.

Then, all of the sudden, the roving I got last Fall was forming three fuzzy balls and little brown arms and a sweet carrot nose.  The fine merino wool I used for the Candy Cane scarf seemed just right to craft a tiny hat and scarf.  With the addition of eyes, my snow friend is complete.

Well. . . except for a name.  I'm not sure what to name my new friend.  I think she might be a girl, but then again, all my snowmen are women.  Please do offer a suggestion of a name.  Something Wintry and woolly.  :-)


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