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Easter is coming and I am more excited than I have been in some time. I guess it is because all the children are old enough to really enjoy the day and because we'll all be together this year. I haven't made much in the way of Easter gifts, but I am pleased with the little I have done. We've planted some wheat, too, and it is growing so quickly! We'll have a wonderful basket of grass on Sunday.

Egg Cards

Here are little egg cards that I made the children.  I did another one for a gift for a friend.  These came from The Children's Year, and they were fairly simple to do.  The brads are easy to find and I just started the hole with a strong needle.  They have little pictures that show in the window as you turn the circle around.


Willow has been busy, herself, with a roll of duct tape, of all things.  No wallets for her, but microphones, cassette tapes, a tape player, and a wall phone.  She also sewed herself a satin skirt over the weekend that should make a nice slip in the years to come, and she made this sweet little Chinese-Japanese meal.


I made these pockets, also from The Children's Year, for the children's closet.  The door is small, so the dimensions are different from the directions.  The pockets are plenty deep, though, and they are well-pleased.  It is fun to make many things in threes, and this quick project was a fun first thing for the new little old Singer that I have named "The Phoenix."

Cyclone Hat

Lastly, knitting. Always knitting. I am in a mood of forcing myself to do it lately, to keep on keeping on when I am sitting down for quiet time or the last hour before bed. That way, my yarn box will grow more empty and we will be well-prepared for the Winters to come. And hey, we always have chilly weather any time of year, if we look hard enough. This is the Cyclone Hat, a kind of test knit of the pattern. I may give it to Mike or I may keep it for myself. It's knit with some really, really old acrylic, from back when they tried to make it act more like wool.  It's soft and plentiful and free, which is all nice.

Now, it's time to craft a cleaner house so that we can do a little visiting this warm Spring evening.  For more crafting, visit Frontier Dreams.
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Machines to Go

When I started to pack them up to go to the repair shop, it became quite obvious that I am well-supplied with sewing machines.  It's an interesting march through time, from the 40's when treadle power was still an option to the 70's.  We call the oldest one that Roan is touching The Dinosaur.  It was a beast to take out of the box.  My 2010 model is, well, out of commission for the long haul.  I have given up on it and it will sit indefinitely.  It was featured prominently in the doll tutorial of yesteryear, but the computer in it was failing.  I can't clean the fuzz out of that.

Someone asked me if it was really worth it to fix an old machine, as opposed to just buying a new one.  I think the answer is a big "yes."  Metal, mechanical sewing machines are the way to go, as far as I am concerned.  The Wizard will go back to my parents with a clean bill of wiring.  My favorite, for now, is the 1973 Fashion Mate, but I may really come to love the Portable (it is cartoonish in its size and lightness!) now that I have a power cord for it.  I was able to pick one up at the shop for $20 less than eBay!  We're expecting some rain over the next few days, so I'm hoping to read the manual and get it going.  Nice thing, too, is that I can use it in the house where it is warm!

Crafting On

Apr. 4th, 2017 07:30 am
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Well, the order of the day (after school and the like) is a trip to the repair shop.  It's time to fix my 1973 Singer and ask some questions about why sparks flew from the Wizard last night when I tried to plug it in.  All that Spring sewing is going to be on the back burner for a bit, I guess.  I'll admit that I am a little disappointed at all these sewing issues (which started in December), but that's what happens when you use things--they need work to keep on going.

Portable Singer

And then there's this little beauty--the Singer 221-1 Portable Sewing Machine.  All she needs is a power cord with the pedal, which I can easily get from eBay and we will be ready to go!  This machine has a ruffle foot, of all things! Here's the children's machine, as well. ;-)  I kind of wish my were hand-cranked, too.  I guess my 1929 Singer is still good.  I could bring her out of retirement. . .

The Girls' Hats

Here's some hand sewing that went well!  Willow made this matching hat for Virginia yesterday afternoon, making up her own pattern with some direction from me.  I helped with the bow on the little felt hat and both girls are well-pleased.  She'd saved her money and purchased this bride's hat at the local antique store (after pining for it the appropriate amount of time).  I think we are calling this the new Anne of Green Gables costume.

In Caps Tee

I guess I could take the sewing machine woes as a sign that knitting is the job for me right now, along with some Easter crafting.  These needles need only my hands to keep them going (and now I'm a little nervous about that!)  Here's Willow's In Caps Tee, which turned out well.  This was a fast knit that didn't take too much yarn at all.  I even have some left over for a pair of mittens.  Maybe I should get on that.  I've started a ravelry queue, so I guess this is the time to pick something and go with it.

For more crafting, visit Frontier Dreams.

On the Pond

Apr. 3rd, 2017 07:10 am
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In the Easter garden,
Gentle waters flow.
Birds are singing, winging, singing.
Buds their new life show.

~ Wynstones :: Spring

Knitted Ducks

Willow and I made these sweet little ducks from The Children's Year over the weekend.  I made the mama duck, of course, and I helped her stuff hers.  These may be my favorite of the knitted animals we've made, though Whiskers may tie with them.  In a similar mood, Willow named her duck Feathers.  Since they're so simple, I'll share the pattern here.

CO 20 sts and knit 24 ridges (a ridge for each 2 knit rows, so 48 rows) for the mama duck.  Bind off.  Fold in half, with the rows running parallel, and sew up, leaving the end open.  Stuff, sew up the end and make some stitches to create a tail.  CO 12 sts for the head and work 12 ridges.  Bind off and sew up similarly, pulling ther yarn to gather the end.  Stuff, and sew up the end, and then sew it onto the body.  Make a little felt bill and sew that on.  The young duck is worked in the same way.  CO 10 sts for the body and work 12 ridges.  CO 5 sts for the head and work 6 ridges.
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Short-sleeved sweaters are the new thing around here.  And it's handy for when you just want to get done with things and start on some sewing projects.  The days are in the sixties (or seventies!) and the nights are not too cold.  I think the parkas can get a wash and be put away for real this time (I check 15-day forecasts).  I guess you could call it a spell of perfect weather--neither too hot nor too cold, windows open all day.

Greenwood Sweater

Here's Roan's Greenwood Sweater, as we'll call it.  I made some changes--no garter edging on the bottom, short sleeves.  3x1 rib is my new thing.  It looks so much neater than 2x2 ribbing, I think, and it doesn't curl up.  I am pleased with this sweater (it has pockets!), though the collar is a bit of a mystery to me.  I suppose it would help to check other ravelry projects to see what other knitters did.

Robin Hood

It became, unintentionally, the new Robin Hood tunic, when the sun is not too warm.  I will admit that we have been known to watch the animated version of the story, one of the veyr few cartoons my children have watched.  I enjoy the nostalgia of it, though I never saw it until my teens. ;-)  You can see that Roan has moved up to a long bow.  And my bow-making skills have improved quite a bit over the years.  I had to make three new ones yesterday (this one didn't survive the afternoon).  If you're crafting on bows, green maple is a great choice.  There's no sense in buying one for everyday play--it's wonderful to model resourcefulness.

In Caps Tee

And here's an In Caps Tee for Willow, I think.  This is a very fast project, I must say, and wonderful for fairly mindless knitting.  I've done a couple more inches since yesterday afternoon, just knitting around and around and around.  It's time for some more strips now.  I expected to run out of the discontinued purple, so I did some pink from Willow's owl hat.  I don't even think it was necessary--a miracle of loaves and fishes in yarn!  Willow likes the stripes, anyway.  This may well become my new instant sweater (since I've never had one before).  It would be very easy to add longer sleeves, right?

I have a few knitting projects in mind for the next while, or the Summer: mittens all around, a new hat for myself, a few small things.  I think they'll be good for keeping steam on knitting while attending to the more pressing tasks that warm weather brings.  Now my mind is turning to pajamas and short-sleeved dresses.  Laurel is set, but Willow needs more.  We all need pajamas for warmer nights, so I've bought patterns for Roan and me from eBay.  This might just be the Summer of Seersucker.

For more crafting, visit Frontier Dreams.
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It's been snowing and blowing all day, but not doing very much in the way of sticking. The ground is just too warm down in our valley, I guess. We still have the same amount we had this morning!  That's okay.  We took advantage of the warmish roads and drove up to the Snail Place to see the snow and rime ice.  How pretty it was!  I can't help but put some snow photos in with the knitting, can I?  It's been very nearly a month since our last real taste of Winter.

Blueberries in Bed

Here are the blueberries, all tucked under some sheets.
Crafting covers that won't blow off certainly counts, right?
I think I finally got my technique figured out!

Snowy Trees

And King Winter showed off his handiwork to us, as you can see.
I just love it when the trees are all covered in whiteness, such a brief miracle.

Snail Place

And here's the road to our den, all cold and windy.  SO COLD!
It was foggy, too, and you couldn't see a thing down in the valley.

Rime Ice

I really love rime ice so much.  It always brings me such pure joy.

Water Bottle Carrier

Okay, now the knitting.

Here is Waldorf Mama's water bottle carrier.  I admired those years ago and finally made one.  This is Wool of the Andes, scraps from pilot caps I made Willow and Roan, and it felted very well.  You can find my notes here--I did knit it flat, instead of in the round.

Little Spare Time

And this is the Little Spare Time Sweater, that I am calling the "Greenwood Sweater."  It's certainly cheery for St. Patrick's Day, though I doubt I have enough "spare time" to finish it by then.  Then again, it's going to be even colder tomorrow. . .

For more crafting, visit Frontier Dreams.
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Willow's cat was so sweet, I had to make a big one, too.  Of course, she's called "Mama Cat."  In the background, there's a quilt I've been mending for [ profile] beanovich, that's all ready to go back home to her.  And in front, there are two projects that are coming along slowly--a sweater for Roan (Little Spare Time) and a couple hats for Ginger.  Interestingly, Roan's is made with Wool of the Andes and I'm finding that the solid color is softer and less itchy than the heathers I love so much.  I think this is going to be a great sweater, when I get it done, and used all year.

For more crafting, visit Frontier Dreams.
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Willow learned to purl this week and made this sweet little cat from A First Book of Knitting for Children. She has her sights set on a horse for Roan's birthday in April.  And, I must confess that I have started my own kitty in some super bulky yarn. 
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Here's my Easy Peasy Shawl, thing of mystery. Does anyone recall that episode of The Waltons where Erin crocheted a present for Grandma that no one could identify? This is like that. I guess I need to wear it with a shawl pin.  Even then, it still won't make much sense, I fear.

Easy Peasy Shawl

I blocked it gently, having a bit of a space constraint, but I think I could do it again and make the bottom lace wider.  I think I need to spring for the blocking mats from Knitpicks, so I can use something besides my old wooden ironing board.  The yarn is pretty, but wasn't good for mittens or socks.  It's so scratchy, but I'm tough enough for Things of Mystery.


Pardon the stern face. :-)

For more crafting, visit Frontier Dreams.
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Simple projects today.

Here's a cheery heart mobile the children and I made yesterday.  It's a a very simple one, but it fits the bill and makes the table a happier place.  The idea comes from All Year Round, though their version was more detailed, with two sided hearts.  Also, I really love those letters and numbers on the wall--the room won't be the same when we won't need them any more.  That will be another five years, at least, right?

Valentine Mobile

And here's my Easy Peasy Shawl (I wish it had another name).  Just another five inches of the lace and it will be done.  I gave it a little steam block so that it wouldn't curl up all the time.  It felt a little like I was knitting a giant rotini! I look forward to seeing it done and trying it out.

Easy Peasy Shawl

For more crafting, visit Frontier Dreams.
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What else to call them?  It's my new thing, these neck things.  I started my handwork many years ago with scarves, but they use far too much yarn for the results they give.  I like to think I'm pretty good at doing more with less. ;-)

Here's the Pedestrian Cowl, with a few small modifications, using yarn from [ profile] blakdove. I've started putting projects on Ravelry, after many years of resistance, and you can find me here.

Pedestrian Close

This is so cozy to wear.  We had a lovely foggy frost yesterday and it was just perfect with my boiled wool jacket.  We spent most of the morning outside, so it was a help.

Pedestrian Cowl

And here's a restart on the Easy Peasy Shawl with yarn Mike's family gave me from a trip to the UK.  This yarn has a pretty gradient to it, so I am looking forward to seeing how this turns out.  I started with bigger needles, but switched to size three.  It's fun to knit something that spirals!

Easy Peasy Shawl

Today is sixty-eight and windy! I've had enough of this, but the weather is great for hanging out lots of laundry and getting the children plenty of fresh air. Two nappers this afternoon, so I am looking at the bright side. Rain's coming in soon and I've got more to fold.

For more crafting, visit Frontier Dreams.
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Willow's Quilt

We were given a box of sewing things back in the Summer and there were 180 (or so) pre-cut polyester squares inside, obviously planned for a quilt.   It was all really nice polyester (it does exist!) that is soft and full of fun patterns.  Willow took to them and started sewing them together in the Autumn. She's now sewing all her strips together, all by hand. This girl is so opposite of me in many ways--I am no quilter! But, more power to her! This will be a treasure for many years.
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I am definitely in a knitting mood lately.  I even dreamed about it the other night (I have some wild dreams).  I've been going through all my yarn and using up some single skeins I've had for some time.  Some of my projects used just the amount of yarn I had, too!  It's nice to feel focused on something when the whole rest of the world seems to be coming apart at the seams.

Bunny Buttons

Here are the bunny buttons for Laurel's Colin Vest.  She selected these herself.

Colin Vest

And here it is on.  It looks a little lumpy over the ties for her dress, but the fit is great.  I knit it in the round instead of in two halves.  I simply kept the extra stitches on the needles while I worked.

Earflap Hat

Here's a little earflap hat for Laurel, too.  I've made five hats in the past week.

Doll Sweater

And this is a little doll-sized sweater, the Little Kina cardigan, that I need to finish. I'm taking a picture to nudge myself along, when I would really like to start on something else.  I'm planning things for me, after spending so many years knitting for others, but my fan club has other ideas. ;-)

Well, time to make some tea to go with shortbread and sledding in the mountains.

For more crafting, visit Frontier Dreams.
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Seems we're filling nutshells lately.  The nuts went to a lovely apple crisp and we are putting fun little folks inside the empty shells.

First, we made little babies, much like the one I bought from Frost Lane years ago.  My Grandma Lois had a mouse that slept in a nutshell on her Christmas tree.  I think I should make one some time.  Our babies are still in the prototype phase, but we are pleased so far.  Roan made the one on the right and Willow did the one on the left.  They are not glued in, so that they babies may come out to play.

Walnut Babies

Inspired by Anna's sweet sledders, we made a rainbow of them today from uncracked hazelnuts, wooden beads, and more walnut shells.  I used the hot glue gun to hold them in place, though I suppose wood glue would be a more natural alternative.  The little hats are simply craft felt, cut to size and glued in place.  We're planning a nature table with these little friends enjoying the snow.


And here's a dear little one to peep out of a seashell that I happened upon in my own little archive of trinkets.  We drilled a small hole in the shell using a hand-cranked drill (yes, really!).  The little stick is a size two knitting needle that I sacrificed (I seldom need five double points) and a wooden bead is glued on for the head.  The body and hat are a scrap of satin, also glued in place.  The instructions came from The Children's Year.  I hope to use this for our kindergarten story time--more on that later.

Gnome in the Shell

The weather has turned cool again, save for one last bit of warmth tomorrow, so we are back to wool undershirts and hats.  Here's the start of a salmony-pink hat for me, with yarn from [ profile] beanovich, and a nearly finished Colin Vest for Laurel Mae.  I'm hoping to get it done tonight or tomorrow.  I steam blocked the bottom of the vest because I couldn't stand it curling up on me while I worked. ;-)

Hat and Vest

These colors are so fun and all these creations, ever how small, are little bits of happiness.

For more crafting, visit Frontier Dreams.
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It's sunny today, which is so nice after many days of clouds and rain.  I am glad for the rain, very glad, but a sunny day in Winter is a nice thing, too.  It might frost tonight, which I hope will send a message to the plants that Winter is still here.  It is funny to have weather this warm, unsettling, really, but I am trying to enjoy it.  We are spending lots of time outside and the children are glad to have some freedom from heavy coats and boots.

Citrus Window

Here's a citrus sort of rose window I made for Becky.

Snow Star

Here's a snowy window star for my kitchen window.

Rainbow Sixteen Point

And here's a sixteen point star for my bedroom.  This makes me feel so cheery.


Here are my girls in the sunshine, wearing their matching dresses.  These are pinafores from The Children's Year. Laurel's has smaller snowflakes.  I was so happy to find these corduroy prints in a box of fabric I was given.  I hardly buy any fabric these days--what a blessing!  Roan has insisted on matching pants, though they may have two different legs!  It occurred to me that this is the first time I have made my girls something like this.  I must do more for Summer!

Tess D'Urbervilles Done

And here's something bright feeling--I got done with the Tess D'Urbervilles shawl! I kept testing the size to get it just right and I finally finished it. Now to make smaller things. Whew!

For more crafting, visit Frontier Dreams.

Crafting On

Jan. 3rd, 2017 03:24 pm
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It is a downright gloomy day here.  I don't often feel that, but it is gray and chilly and wet.  Now, we need chilly and wet, and I am thankful for them.  I think the drought will be over when Spring comes again.  I know I'll be all the more thankful for the rain and much less antsy to keep my yard trimmed.  Anyway, weather report aside (but, there is snow coming!), here's what I've been working on.

Tess D'urbervilles

The Tess D'Urbervilles shawl is coming right along.  This is a long job, I'll admit, but I am looking forward to a tie-on shawl.  The Cindersmoke blakdove gave me is getting lots of use these days.  Wear a shawl while you make a shawl.  The moment I sit down, I either get too cold or fall asleep!

Jack Frost

And here's a little fellow for the nature table, once we get past this Christmas season.  I set out to make a King Winter, and Jack Frost came to play instead.  He's got a pipe cleaner base, with wee pants, little icy blue shoes, a tiny sweater, and a cap (with a snowball on the end!).  Laurel likes him and I do think that I made him to be fairly sturdy.

It's hard to get good pictures in this dark weather, but one thing is quite obvious--the nature table needs an overhaul!  Soon enough, though, Christmas will be put away for another year.

For more crafting, visit Frontier Dreams.
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The wind is picking up this third day of Christmas and temperatures are getting back where they should be.  The ground is wet and the neighborhood spring is flowing again.  It's the best we can hope for right now, rain for Christmas, and it's just what we need.  I might want snow, but rain is easiest for folks to swallow.  It feels so good to have the Christmas rush of gift making over!  The gifts were well received and yesterday, the day after Christmas, I squirreled away my first present for next year!

Roving Bouquet

Here's my roving bouquet from Cedar Ring Circle.  My grandmother commented to me how beautiful it was, and there's yet another layer underneath of more colors!  I think my first project will be King Winter, though he'll probably come from roving I already have "in stock."  I feel free to create now, which is so nice!  No more rationing!

Icy Hombre

The Icy Hombre was completed last Thursday and I am so pleased.  I even wore it on a walk with Mike and the children, just to test it out.  It's a wave stitch crochet and was really quite simple.  There are so many patterns for things like this, but this is just a formula, a set of dimensions.  That suits me very well!

Tess D'Urbervilles Shawl

My knitting right now is just for me. It's about time!  I'm making myself a Tess D'Urbervilles Shawl and I am so excited.  A tie-on shawl is perfect for warmer days and times when I want to be warm and "fly" about the house like Mother Wilder.  You can see that Rosalie got some Christmas pants and the three girls all got matching headbands.  Laurel was so pleased.  If you are ever wondering, we think the very best shoes for Waldorf dolls are Saartje's Bootees.  [ profile] blakdove made these.  They're pretty sweet on real babies, too.

And now, well, I must clean up the sprinkles from the long-awaited sugar cookies.  Laurel's napping!  Yay!

For more crafting, visit Frontier Dreams.
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Whew!  Okay, almost.  I'm blocking the Baby Surprise Bonnet and still working on the Yellowstone Ear Warmers, but it's all so close to being done!  I've just got some short rows and some pinning to do and then I'm free!  Here are my makings from this very, very busy week.


This little fellow would like to say, "Hello!"

In the Box

He makes his home in this little refurbished match box.  It's a tight fit, but he doesn't mind.  He's the Jack-in-the-Box from The Children's Year and I love him dearly.  This can be constructed quite simply.  It took around and hour and a half, but I did do a softer version of a true Waldorf doll head (that's a little big).  The face is done with mapmaking pens and some beeswax crayon.

Holy Family

And here's Roan's Holy Family, done just this morning while Laurel sat by my side at 5:15!  I made six doll heads yesterday, some for the shepherds and one king.  Those will wait for later, but I think we've already got a great start on a lovely nativity for his forthcoming stable.

Pot Holders

Don't look too closely at these pot holders, just appreciate that they are done.  I've learned a lot about sewing on bias tape, too.

Rosalie's Dress

And here's a very, very red dress for Rosalie, just like the one on the cover of The Doll Book.  I'll have to tell that story another day.  I might make some pants in a cheery print, if I get a chance, but I'm not holding my breath.

Lined Pants

Lastly, though done first, are some new lined pants for Laurel Mae.  Kids' clothes are notoriously wimpy, really, and I'm done with it.  So, I've archived the leggings and made some warm pants in corduroy, flannel, and quilting cotton.  Children wear what we put before them, so make your choices count.  Yes, I've got a clothing soap box.  It's been a long week. ;-)

For more crafting, visit Frontier Dreams.
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It's amazing what a little time in the afternoon can do! I'm pretty good at working on tedious things, depsite distractions, but it's a real help to have some good quiet time this time of year. "A certain someone," as we call her, isn't taking consistent naps these days. When she does, we work like elves or bees or something to tackle all the focused tasks we can. This might be tangrams or trains or rose windows. It's getting close to Christmas now and time to really stay the course until the big day(s).

Window Star 1

I love this window star--I didn't think it would be a nice color combination, but it is!

Window Star 2

And here are two more, the very simplest.  I want the one Susan has.

Window Star 3

And here are my first efforts at Rose Windows.

Rose Window 1

They're not perfect, but they are so pretty, it matters little.

Rose Window 2

The light wanes quickly these days, so here are some pictures by the lamp.
This is Willow's owl hat, with the eyes waiting to be sewn on.

Owl Hat

And here's the top of her Christmas dress.  The Wizard does not do machine basting to suit me, so I'm doing the gathering stitches slowly by hand.  And I have to sew on days it's above forty outside.

Christmas Dress

I'm also working on a Baby Surprise Bonnet for Roan (more like a balaclava) and that never ending Bad Hombre Poncho. I have lost the crochet hook for it twice, and have been a little glad for the break. I've just got the assembly and blocking to go.

For more crafting, visit Frontier Dreams.
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Whew!  I feel some relief (if only for a moment)!  I completed this big little project today and I'm so glad.  It's in the mail to Hawaii now.  Here are three girls' dresses for Waldorf dolls that I made a few years ago.  Aprons and bonnets to match, too.  I used the bonnet from Palumba that we got for Willow's doll, Marian.

Prairie Dresses

These are so sweet and the children have given me their orders for more.  I told them I needed a little break. It's time to knit, after all.  And make some other gifts.  Here are the pajamas and some clothes for the little boy doll that I also made [ profile] elizabethhas7.

Pajamas and Boy Clothes

And here's Virginia's new nightgown and mob cap.  I used a plate as a pattern and it came out pretty well.  I'd use a bigger plate next time.  I use a pizza pan when I make the ones for us big folks.  I want a gown just like this.

Gown and Mob Cap

Well, time to wash the dishes and settle in with some yarn and Victorian Farm. For more crafting, visit Frontier Dreams.


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